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Using a Kansas Visitation Schedule

October 23rd, 2022

It is essential to have an understanding of the laws regarding child custody and visitation in the state of Kansas before you create your visitation schedule. Learning these laws will help prepare you for making the schedule and also so you know what to expect in court. Kansas family laws regarding custody and visitation can be found in Chapter 60,Guest Posting Article 16 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated. Here you will find the definitions of the different types of custodial arrangements and also the different kinds of residential arrangements. According to the law, Kansas does not favor parental gender when awarding custodial rights and responsibilities. Both parents are considered equal and there is no presumption that infants and babies are better off with their mother. The main factor the court considers is the child’s best interests. The court looks at the following criteria when determining what is in the best interests of the child:

Each parent’s custodial preferences;

The child’s wishes he/she is of appropriate age and maturity to voice a preference;

The previously established relationships between each parent and the child and any other people who are important in the child’s life;

The child’s residential and care giving history;

How well the child has adapted to his/her current home, school and community;

Each parent’s willingness and capability to recognize the importance of the other parent in the child’s life;

Each parent’s willingness to help foster a meaningful and continuing relationship between the child and the other parent;

Any evidence of child or spousal abuse; and

Whether either parent, any person living in the parent’s home or in close contact with the child is a registered sex offender.

Kansas DUI Attorney

March 29th, 2022

Kansas DUI Law

In the state of Kansas, driving under the influence is a criminal offense. This criminal offense will result in criminal charges being brought against you and administrative penalties that will revoke or restrict your driving privileges. Having a DUI offense against you can tarnish your reputation and make it difficult for you to get to work and meet other life obligations. Because a DUI conviction has the power to change your life, hiring a Kansas DUI attorney can help you to defend yourself as successfully as possible in the Kansas court system. A qualified Kansas DUI lawyer can help you to win your case because they have better access to expert witnesses and more knowledge of and experience with the complex driving under the influence laws in Kansas. If you want the best chance of winning your case, hiring a Kansas DUI attorney is the best way to go.

Kansas DUI Cases

In Kansas, a DUI offense must be prosecuted like any other crime. The prosecutor must show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant was guilty of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. There are two sets of information that a prosecutor can rely upon while prosecuting a DUI criminal case. One set of information has the purpose of showing that a defendant was under the influence. Information such as the appearance of the defendant, how the defendant was driving, and the smell of alcohol being on the defendant can be taken into consideration. The second set of information is actual one single piece of evidence. If a driver submitted to a chemical test and exhibited a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or greater, that evidence can be used to show that the defendant is guilty of driving under the influence.

Defending yourself against a DUI case in Kansas will require that you have a qualified Kansas DUI attorney by your side. Having someone experienced in handling DUI cases can introduce independent witnesses who can testify that you were not intoxicated, examine expert witnesses who can speak to the unreliability of chemical test results, and help plant the seeds of doubt for when it is time to make a decision about your future. These abilities make having a Kansas DUI lawyer represent you well worth the money you spend on legal fees to keep your driving privileges and keep yourself out of jail.

Administrative Driving Penalties

The license suspension period for driving under the influence in Kansas is 30 days to one year. When you are arrested, you should be given a pink form called the DC-27. This form tells you how to request a hearing on your suspension. If you do not take advantage of this hearing opportunity, your license will be suspended and you will be left without recourse. Having a Kansas DUI lawyer represent you at your hearing is extremely important. You may be able to keep your driving privileges intact if your attorney can show that the officer did not have grounds for pulling you over or that the testing procedures used were not acceptable or reliable. Because saving your license is usually a DUI offender’s first priority, having a qualified Kansas DUI attorney represent you at your hearing can make the difference between successfully defending yourself against the suspension and losing your license for up to one year.